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Branding provides your audience a sense of purpose and direction, and a credible voice that people want to listen to.

A well established brand provide you a chance to share your clear sense of purpose and future roadmap – a credible voice that people want to listen to.

Your brand is your customers’ perceptions, notions, and experience. It's the face, personality and your business values – and everything in between.

Who you are

Your brand defines who you are, it's more than the visual aspects and design elements, or your products & services. Your brand identity touches every aspect of your business and all together shape who you are as a business.

What you believe in

Company values matter. Every successful company has a set of key values to assist the stakeholders in achieving their best goals. It is the essence of your company's identity and summarises the purpose of the existence.

How you want to be perceived

Brand perception is a group of feelings a consumer has about your brand. They happen when a consumer hears, sees, or interacts with your brand and products. Brand perception is owned by consumers, not brands. Regardless of your message, whatever people are thinking and saying about your brand, that is your brand.

If you wish to build an iconic brand like Coca-cola, Apple, or Nike, you shouldn't make silly mistakes from the beginning. Avoid the mistake of using freelancing designer for your logo, remember, your brand is more than a logo.

Understand the power of your brand. Every single aspect of your business – your social media profile, the tone of your voicemails, your customer presentation, offical website, products & and packing, every detail matters. All together sends an implicit message about how much you respect your own business.

The most common mistake startups make is using multiple designers for logo, website, products, packaging, and marketing campaings, which often result in an inconsistent brand image that your audience feels confused about who you are and the value proposation. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build all of this, you just need to find the right service provider, and we are here to help.

01. Research

To create and design your business strategy and brand, it is vital to start with an insightful research of your business, your competitors,and the market. At this stage, we will closely work with you to deliver the most suitable solution only for you.

02. Design

Design is the core part of your business, your logo, your brand identity guideline, website, social media image, etc. We customize everything from Zero to match your unique business and make sure that audience preceive your brand as the way you want. Your brand matters, your product matters, and your value matters.

03. Develop

At this stage, our design work will be futher refined after collecting feedbacks from you and your stakeholders. It will never be perfect, but we strike to reach that 99% and ensure your business is ready to take off.