Brand awareness is vital

How People Perceive Your Brand Matters More Than How You See Your Startup

Know This First

Supercharge your brand presence and get noticed

Selling great products is not enough for your startup to compete and thrive in the current retail environment. Build brand awareness from the get-go and be consistent on a professional level.


We Understand Your Challenges

Over 137,000 startups are born every day. It’s easier than ever to bring innovative ideas to life and great products to market and young entrepreneurs have a host of efficient tools at their disposal to turn dreams into reality. Kensolid is dedicated to helping talented startups reach their full potential because you and your brand matter.

Effective Branding

Requires 360° Activation

That’s why our international creative team is built with designers, strategists, marketers, PR specialists, and business development experts who come together to craft comprehensive brand identities.

Zero to One

Branding isn’t a one-off task, it spans throughout the lifetime of your business. We build startup brands from Zero to One, giving you a competitive advantage from the very beginning. Start building your brand now.

Marketing & PR Strategy

Create a coherent framework from insightful market research that breaks free from the perceived realities of the current environment and identify new opportunities to choose from. Strengthen your impact faster and easier with successful business and marketing strategies.

Product Design

A well-designed product makes a great difference to a customers perception and adds extra competitive value to your brand. From product conceptualization to the final design with packaging, UX & UI, we are always here to help.

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