Brand awareness is vital

What people perceive about your startup brand is more important than what you think or do.

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Brand Building

Branding isn’t a one-off thing, it spans throughout the lifetime of the business.
Start building your brand now.

Business Strategy

Create a coherent framework for escaping the perceived realities of the environment and defining possible new environments to choose from.

Product Design

A well-designed product makes a great difference to a customers perception and adds extra competitive value to your brand.

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Supercharge Your Brand Presence And Get Noticed

For your startup to compete and thrive in the marketing environment, selling decent products turns out not sufficient enough anymore. You need to build brand awareness as early as possible and become consistent at it on a professional level. Confused about where to start?

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We understand your challenges

Have you heard of "survival of the fittest" theory? Do you know 137,000 startups emerging every day? Young entrepreneurs may have innovative ideas or even great products, but what is next? Kensolid was born with a strong dedication to helping talented startups reach the fullest potential because you and your company matter.

We do what we do best

Our passionate and experienced team is a group of consulting specialists in branding, strategy, and product, UX & UI design.

Brand building

Building startup brands from Zero to One is what we are passionate about, build to last and give you more competitive advantages right from the beginning.

Business Strategy

Conduct insightful market research to create the most suitable business strategy so that you can make your impact faster and easier.

Product Design

Design and customer satisfaction are vital, and our team will help you transform your concepts into reality. From product concept to the final design with packaging, UX & UI, we are always here to help.

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